Taita's Kitchen

“But Grandma, where is the recipe?”

Growing up we all enjoyed eating the food grandma made. A meal prepared with love, passion and happiness. Then came the times when we wanted to cook the same food grandma cooked, but we did not have a recipe.


Taita's Kitchen came from that instant, the need to transmit the precious recipes, live the joy of making a communal dish, gossiping around the kitchen table and having a good laugh.


Cooking with Taita is not about an engraved recipe, it is about the moment and the secrets of each Taita.


The sacred instant where a Palestinian Taita opens her kitchen to us and we all gather around her table to listen to her stories, learn the tricks and taste wonderful traditional homemade dishes.


We start by visiting a local Taita and sharing a cup of cardamom-infused coffee. The Taita then shows us her unique interpretation of traditional dishes and the family secret recipes. After hearing the story and seeing the dish being made, we enjoy the wonderful meal together.

Our experience is conducted in Arabic, Armenian and English languages.

- 70 USD - 

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