Plunge into the heart of Bethlehem’s old city; join Christine, Nadeen and Chef Fadi Kattan, of the Hosh Al-Syrian Guesthouse, on a unique experience in the Farmer’s Market.


Meet the local farmers, hear their stories, taste their produce and smell the fantastic aromas of the spices.


We meet at the Hosh Al-Syrian Guesthouse, around a coffee and local sweets.


We then embark on a journey through the old alleyways of Bethlehem’s market, discover the herbs and vegetables in season, visit the traditional butcher, eat hot bread from the bakers and taste wonderful fresh cheese.


After the tour, we assemble around a table at the Hosh-Al Syrian Guesthouse, sharing a meal prepared by Fadi and his team, featuring the seasonal food we have seen in the market. 

Our experience is conducted in Arabic, Armenian, English and French languages.

- 70 USD-

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